CNC lathe MYLAS series T

CNC lathe MYLAS series T

T series high precision CNC lathe particularly suitable for machining small pieces, even complex ones.

MYLAS T series high precision CNC lathes are available in diameters 25 / 36 / 42

The spindle’s C-axis function combines Y-axis live tools and end milling live tools allowing you to mill, drill and tap.

The Y-axis is capable of performing side milling, drilling and tapping operations when combined with the functionality of the C-axis.

The MYLAS T series CNC lathe is particularly suitable for machining small pieces, even complex ones.

Its high-quality Meehanite cast iron structure allows deformation to be minimized while ensuring high rigidity and excellent vibration damping.

  • The 8-position turret provides rapid positioning and reduced machining times.
  • Combined turret and gang-type tool system.
  • Various tool configurations to meet your specific needs.
  • The high-precision spindle is compatible with collet chucks and self-centering spindles.
  • The C-axis function on the spindle allows milling, drilling and tapping.
  • High/low pressure coolant oil pump for a high-quality surface finish and for deep drilling.
  • Abundant 340 mm travel on the X axis with great machining capacity.
  • Supports on the X and Z axes combined with flat guides for maximum stability.
  • PC/Syntec based: Fanuc or Mitsubishi controls are available.
  • Completely closed splash guard lathe, protected by an oil cover
  • Optional chip conveyor.
  • Combination with milling and C-axis function, the Y-axis can perform milling, drilling and tapping operations. Particularly suitable for the production of small and complex parts.
  • When working with driven tools, the face milling function can also perform eccentric holes or tapping, saving time preparing the second part.
  • Equipped with a double row of roller bearings combined with angular contact ball bearings that resist radial and axial loads
  • Supports both collet spindles and 3-jaw hydraulic self-centering spindles.
  • Speed ​​up to 6,000 rpm which guarantees fast and efficient processing


MYLAS T-Series features versatile high-speed features saving setup and setup time.

The ability to choose the optimal tool configuration is ideal for your production needs.